The New Moldova Landscape
for Women Economic Empowerment

Access in and Through Technology

At Moldova Platform For Women and Girls Access in and Through Technology, we believe that women are the future work for Moldova ICT Industry. This is why the 4E Strategy was developed. The 4E strategy are: Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Equality for Women and Girls Access in and Through Technology.

The strategy was developed in 2016 by 35 organisations who envisioned more women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, businesses and start-ups, women and girls non-traditional jobs and equal economic opportunities, more women and girls role models represented in media, events and speak about their successes, rather than their challenges.

The 4E Strategy is implemented by the sister-program – GirlsGoIT
February 2016 - Empower Women
The 4E strategy emerged as a result of the first meeting which brought together women and girls, government institutions, academia, civil society, international organisations and private companies working in different sectors to put women and girls in the center of development and identify concrete solutions that will propel women and girls in non-tradition roles in the society and economy.

The meeting used few tools such as assets mapping cluster and world café to identify positive initiatives and program that are implemented by organisation. In addition, identify concrete ideas that will support existing initiatives and program for scalability.

As a result of mapping the assets, a common vision emerged to have:
"Need to have more women tech entrepreneurs, Women role models in media, Access to Education and technology, Women speakers at public events, Women in non-traditional jobs”
October 2016 – Developing the 4E Strategy
More organisation was invited, from Academia, freelancers and entrepreneurs, private ICT companies to discuss concrete actions that can drive women and girls access in and through technology in Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Equality.

November 2016 –Presenting the 4E Strategy

The strategy was presented to stakeholders and jointly declared that more smaller meetings in smaller groups will be organised the implementation of the strategy.